Backyard Pool Ideas

Show off your backyard with a nice pool!

Ahhhh, the backyard pool! There is nothing better than refreshing yourself in a nice backyard pool when it is hot outside. But make no mistake – for a pool you will need a pretty big backyard / garden. The larger the garden, the more comfortable you will be. The last thing you want is to have the pool that takes the whole space. It is just not practical.

Pave the ground next to your pool!

The ground around the pool should be paved or covered with wooden planks, which are regularly cleaned. Paving the ground around the pool with stone is not a bad idea either.

If you walk on the grass and then swim in the pool the pool water will get dirty pretty fast. You don’t want that.

Plants some trees

Around the pool you should plant some small trees or some higher-growing shrubs. This way you will have privacy and some cool shadow when it’s just too hot to sunbath.

Don’t plant trees too close to the pool though, or you will have to clean the leaves falling into the water every day.

We have prepared some backyard pool ideas for you.

Below you can find round shaped pools, classic, squared ones, as well as some more exotic shapes with nice themes. Feel free to browse our small collection of backyard pools.

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