How to Make an Outdoor Fire Pit & Gathering Area

These days, outdoor fire pits are considered as one of most desirable and family friendly design options to add to your outdoor living area . They can be uniquely designed and add a cozy factor to any outdoor area. There are various options for outdoor fire pits design on the market today. As such, when choosing the right design, ensure that it reflects your personality and goals.  Will there be a lot of people gathering, or just a few?  Do you want to cook over your fire pit? A lot of the designs are flat with the ground whilst others contain a raised profile.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours and should be based on your design preferences and the space available. What’s more, you can surround the fire pit with more comforting and relaxing Adirondack chairs to increase the design factor.

You would be hard pressed to find an ideal chair that welcomes relaxation and conversation more than this style of chair.  Additionally, the lack of a need for cushions makes them ideal for outside use.

For you to come up with an attractive and welcoming gathering area, you need to follow several steps. Here is how to make an outdoor fire pit & gathering area that is on the ground.

Installing the fire pit

  1. Select a Location

The first thing you need to do before constructing a fire pit is select its location. You need to choose an area that is comfortable to be in since this will likely be a permanent installation. Remember that, in most time fire pit is mostly used at night. Therefore, it should not be placed near the bushes, sheds or low hanging branches. You don’t want to endanger your family and friends or even nearby structures.

  1. Design the Fire Pit

Begin at the center by measuring a five foot diameter circle with a string or any other measuring material. Ensure that you paint the five foot diameter for the actual pit. This will help you not to confuse the measurements when constructing the fire pit.

  1. Install the Base

Having laid out the location, dig out the footer for the outer and the inner walls of the pit. Make sure that you follow the exact measurements of the circle diameter. By following the manufacturer’s instructions mix some concrete in a wheelbarrow and fill the footer with the concrete. Ensure that top is smooth and level.

  1. Separate the Stones

As you wait for the concrete to settle, you can separate the stones into face stones and cap stones. Normally, the cap stones are used construct the top area of the fire pit. Therefore, spare the flat and smooth stones for the caps. The rest types of stones can be used to make the wall.

  1. Lay the Stones

Begin by laying out the stone in a ring form, tracing the outer part of the footing. Once you complete the first ring, place a ring of fire brick around the inner part of the pit. Continue placing the rings of stones on top each other as well as the fire brick. See to it that everything is level by picking stones that fit.

However, if the stones don’t fit well, cut them to the right size. In additional, avoid placing the stones in the vertical or diagonal way .They appear bad and can affect the stability of the wall.

  1. Fill the Wall

Once the fire pit is at your desired height, fill the empty spaces using the scrap stones. Finally, lay the ‘cap stones on the top. Cut the stones into the right size so that to fit well.

  1. Finish the Fire Pit

Having completed the basic structure, you can now concentrate on the final touches. Brush the exterior wall using the standard brush to get rid of loose debris. To ensure that the fire bricks on the inside are uniform, paint them black.

  1. Gathering Area

After making the fire pit, you will need to prepare a gathering area for friends and family to sit. As mentioned earlier, Adirondack chairs are highly preferred by many people, but you can also build a bench if that matches your design aesthetic.

Outdoor fire pits are attractive, functional and offer a beautiful outdoor gathering area. When constructed with high-quality materials, they will remain a long lasting part of your outdoor living space. This ensures many years ahead of meeting with your friends or family members to share stories.

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