Rose is one of the oldest cultivated flowers, grown by before five thousand years ago in Asia. Until today, humanity is aware of a few tens of thousands of varieties of roses, which have evolved from approximately one hundred and twenty species of ancient rose hips.

The ancient Romans loved roses, at parties, the guests bathed in flowers, roses, eat cakes of roses and drinking wine, which has been flavored with rose water. Even in the love life of Queen Cleopatra, they had roses important role, because her lover Antony, came to its chambers on the carpet of rose leaves.

Greek poet Anakreont, in the 6th century BC Rose worshiped as a cure for love issues. Pharmacists in the 17th century found that the powder of dried roses (red) functions active in a sick throat, gums and eyes. Also, I should relieving toothache and menstrual disorders.

Rose colors and its meaning

Of particular importance is rose color. See below what different rose colors mean and represents.

  • white rose represents clarity of thought
  • yellow rose means solid, true friendship
  • red rose symbolizes love and passion
  • orange rose represents desire
  • pink rose, represents nobility, grace
  • dark red rose, homage to a person who is not yet aware of its beauty
  • Black Rose, means hatred, sadness, farewell
  • red and white roses (together in one bunch) representing unity
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