5 Tips to Perfectly Enjoy Meals in Your Garden

After countless hours put into your garden to make it look fresh and absolutely gorgeous, you deserve to make the most out of it. While walking, relaxing and even just looking at it is a reward in on itself, nothing beats the joyful warmth of a fantastic meal outside.

Now while it seems simple enough to do, both the elements and unique traits of your garden can make it quite tricky to have the perfect outdoors meal – especially during the cold seasons. If you were wondering how to properly do it, you’ve come to the right place as today we’re gonna take a look at the top 5 tips you can put into practice to ensure that you ace it. Read more below!

An outdoor dining set.

1 – Choose the Perfect Location

Although this step is highly subjective, think about what you love and go for it. If it’s close-by nature and the shade from a tree then that’s excellent, if it’s more isolated with direct sunny warmth shining down then that’s just as good. Choosing a place that you’d love to spend a few hours at is the trick. Even then, there are a few general guidelines that can be useful – let’s take a look:

  • Firm ground – this makes it easier for you to place your dining set and ensures that it’s not only stable but also placed somewhere that’s comfortable to walk around.
  • Protected from the wind – although sun or shade are optional, absolutely nobody likes wind gusts when dining. Try to reduce the wind’s effect by choosing somewhere that’s protected by a wall, a big tree or some other type of cut-off.
  • Low humidity – essential to ensure your furniture’s survival, low humidity is a fantastic bonus to a location. It’ll prevent early signs of rust on metal and also keep your wooden pieces looking good.

2 – Take Care of the Ground

An often overlooked step, taking care of your ground is essential to ensure a comfortable experience. Not only does it have to be fairly firm but it’s also a great idea to place an outdoor rug or a similar barrier between you and the ground.

This will keep you and your furniture clean, safe from any ground humidity and insects plus it will deliver a cozy visual effect that really adds to the experience. It’s also an opportunity to make a great decorative statement – be creative! If you’ve got a patio deck or something similar than you’re already good to go when it comes to the firmness but the rug will look and feel just as good as it does on a grassy floor.

3 – Get the Right Dining Set for the Space

As you’d expect, getting the right outdoor dining set is a crucial step to properly enjoy your meals outside. You’ve got to consider its size, looks, materials and craftsmanship quality, all of which will impact your overall experience. Let’s take an in-depth look at what you have to consider when choosing the perfect outdoor dining set:

  • Size – Make sure that it fits your available space as well as having enough room to comfortably seat your friends and family.
  • Looks – Although this one comes down to personal preference, you should try to create a cohesive decoration throughout your garden.
  • Materials – Especially important in outdoors furniture, choosing a sturdy, durable and weatherproof material is a must to ensure that your dining set can survive the elements with ease and look as good as new for years on end. If you love metal, always go for stainless steel or aluminum to ensure that it doesn’t rust and if you like wood instead, always get a high quality and durable one such as teak.

4 – Ensure Warmth and Comfort All Year Round

Don’t let the cold days push you away from your garden – fight back with some heat sources of your own! From patio heaters to fire pits or even little bonfires, you’ve got a lot of fantastic options to create a blanket of warmth for you and your guests. The heat’s an excellent benefit of all of these options but if you go for a fire pit – be it propane or wood burning – you also get a few great side-effects such as a great decorative piece and some absolutely gorgeous flame effects that are a joy to look at.

5 – Shield Yourself from the Elements

As I’ve mentioned previously, shielding yourself from the sun, wind and rain are all great ways to create a pleasant atmosphere while dining. There are tons of ways to achieve this and it all depends on your budget, space and of course, personal preference. You can go for the classic options such as patio umbrellas to get some shade and wind-breakers to save yourself from wind gusts or you could go big and bold with a pergola or a gazebo – it’s all up to you!


With these tips by your side, nothing will stop you from having some truly great meals outdoors. Good times, long conversations and unforgettable stories await you so roll up your sleeves and start putting these tips into practice today – it’s worth every penny!

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