6 Different Ways on How to Keep Cats Out of Your Garden

Cats are known to love lying and digging in the gardens. Some people happen to not like cats and this could easily lead to conflicts among neighbors. There are some easy and affordable ways through which you can keep cats away from your garden and they include;

Creating a barrier

A good way to prevent a cat from entering the garden is to fence the garden.

Creating a barrier

You can use wire mesh or timber fence which has small holes and which has a deterring device at the top. This will ensure that the cat will not dig under the fence nor will it climb up the fence.

Motion sensor sprinkler

Motion sensor sprinkler

A motion sensor sprinkler will sense any movement in the garden and start sparkling water. Many cats happen to hate getting wet and with this sprinkler, you are well armed to prevent any cat having a permanent haven in your garden. You can install the sprinkler as a permanent measure or a temporary one.

Install motion sensing ultrasonic device

Unlike people, cats and other animals can hear sounds with a far higher frequency perfectly. Install such a device in your garden and when a cat steps into the garden, the infra-red rays will pick the cat and turn on the alarm which then produces a shrill sound. This sound is imperceptible by humans hence this device is highly effective.

Throw some citrus peels around the garden

Most cats hate the scent of citrus and will keep off your garden if you spread some. Have some orange, lemon or grapefruits dry peels spread around the garden. While the cats will hate the scent and move away, the peels will also serve as compost eventually.

Keep a dog

There are rare cases when a cat and a dog will live together in harmony. However, in a majority of scenarios, cats and dogs don’t coexist in peace. A cat will keep off a homestead where there is a dog.

Plant some cat-repelling plants in your garden

There are a good number of plants that will make cats hate your garden and hopefully keep them off forever. Try interspersing lavender, geranium, rue and thorny rose with your local plants. These plants have been known to help keep cats away from gardens.

Depending on your budget and the preferences, there are indeed numerous ways through which you can keep cats away from your garden.

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