7 Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Garden Hot Tub

Hot tubs have grown in popularity in recent years, with ever more cost-effective options on the market. At the same time, the growing range of models makes it ever more difficult to decide on which is most suitable for your needs.

Here we look at the major considerations that should be made before deciding on the best hot tub for your garden…

Electrical Supply

While most hot tubs can be filled up with water from a hosepipe, one element that you can’t get away from is a suitable electrical supply. In most cases you’ll want to install an external power point into which your hot tub can be fitted, so it pays to consult a local electrician to discuss your options.

Only when you’re fully aware of the timescale and cost of installing an extension into your garden can you consider where to cite your hot tub.

Overall Size

Hot tubs come in an astonishing range of sizes these days; from tiny two-person models little bigger than a standard bath tub up to models the size of caravans designed for multiple occupants.

At the same time, models with larger volumes of water are not only more expensive to purchase in the first place, but also require more electricity to heat.

Spend some time considering how many people are likely to be using your hot tub at a time in order to find the ideal compromise between size and cost for your unique situation.

Luxury Features

A number of hot tubs now offer a range of luxury features – either as standard or as an upgrade. For example, some modern hot tubs come complete with plasma TV screens or surround-sound music systems.

It makes sense to consider these options in advance, as they can be difficult to add to hot tubs after the fact.

Cover Options

Hot tub covers serve a number of important purposes. Firstly, of course, they keep air-borne debris out of the water. This means no more fishing dead leaves and unfortunate insects out of the bubbles. However, a good hot tub cover will also help to insulate the tub when not in use, making them more energy-efficient.

A huge range of options exist; from soft fabric covers to hard alternatives. At the same time, cover lifters can be fitted to make removing a heavy cover simplicity itself. Do your research to decide which option is most suitable for your needs (and budget) and then ensure that such a cover is available for the hot tub you’re considering.

Pump Volume

Like a swimming pool, hot tubs use a pump to circulate the water through a filter and keep it clean. For obvious reasons, the higher the volume of water that can be pumped, the cleaner your hot tub will remain.

In cases where you’re expecting plenty of friends and family members to use your hot tub – such as during a garden party – you might want to consider a model with a higher pump volume.

Ongoing Running Costs

Hot tubs can vary considerably in their running costs. Larger, more powerful spas, together with those offering luxury features like sound systems, can cost considerably more to run on a weekly basis.

It therefore makes sense to study one of the running cost calculators online, or to consult a hot tub retailer before making a final decision to ensure the costs are respectable for your situation.

Chemical Management

Garden hot tubs are not a “set and forget” piece of equipment; the water requires continual monitoring to ensure it is hygienic for use and isn’t causing damage to the plumbing or electrics. This means that someone in your household is going to have to regularly check the water conditions, and if necessary to make changes.

The final consideration is therefore which member of your family has the time and inclination to carry out this critical routine maintenance before the tub is used each time.

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