8 Amazing Budget Garden Fence Ideas

While some yearn for a bigger space in the front and backyard of their house to build a garden, a few of those who can afford a garden are clueless about how to build a garden fence.

Building a garden fence can be exciting, as well as a cumbersome process if you do not know where to start and the cost of it. Here are some budget garden fencing ideas that will bowl you over.

Reclaimed wood panels as garden fence

A garden fence can enhance or spoil a house design. Building a garden fence is an art that has evolved through the years, from simple wood separators to complex carved creations spanning different materials.

One easy way of garden fencing is to use reclaimed wood panels. You can get these reclaimed wood panels from either your old widows or from a second hand wood supplier at cheap cost.

Get these panels cut at exact length and breaths and just notch and screw them one after another.

reclaimed wood panels as garden fence

reclaimed wood panels as garden fence

Galvanised metal fence

Another one among cheap garden fence ideas is to use galvanised metal as your garden fence. The fence can be constructed from galvanised corrugated aluminium panel with a wood cap on top and a wood frame around it.

This will not only make it strong, but attractive too.

galvanised metal fence

galvanised metal fence

Gauge hog wire panel

Look for the gauge hog wire panel to build a less fancy yet completely purposeful garden fence. The fence would not cost you a bomb and yet appear neat.

You can purchase these at farmer stores. Support it with bottom and top rails or trim panels.

gauge hog wire panel

gauge hog wire panel

A few DIY garden fencing ideas such as one with chicken wire fence is as cheapest as it can get. Get some old wooden panels to support the wire frame and you have a great garden fence for your vegetable or flower garden.

Chalkboard Picket Fence

Chalkboard Picket Fence Pallet is yet another fun DIY way of creating a fence if you have been thinking of using minimal materials and cost. You will need long wood pickets, wood glue, finishing nails and hammer, chalk and paint. Even kids can help you in the colouring part.

Chalkboard Picket Fence

Chalkboard Picket Fence

Installing a rabbit wire along with a small gate is yet another great garden fencing idea. Just dig a shallow ditch around the bottom of the fence, insert the wire into the ditch and cover it fully with soil and sod. Stick the wire to the backside of the fence rails to get yourself a sturdy looking garden fence. A simple gate can be made from weathered old boards.

If you have still been thinking on how to build a garden fence with something totally out of the usual garden fence trend yet fancy and sturdy, here is a great idea. Get four wooden posts and some old shutters. All you need to do is hinge the shutters together and nail the hinged shutter fence to the posts that have been grounded by cement.

Garden in the front yard deserves something beautiful. Think of a fenced courtyard with lath screen, trellis and pathways that frame and surround the courtyard.

Try these 8 budget beating beautiful garden fencing ideas to enhance the look of your garden.

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