8 Small Garden Ideas To Hold Entertaining Parties

If you have a long narrow space or a cramped backyard, fret not! You can still build your small garden with just the right amount of privacy. What is more? You can throw small get-togethers in these miniature gardens too.

We bring you 8 amazing small garden ideas that will not only transform your home but also give you a reason to hold a party.

Tiny garden

Many of the households have narrow long spaces just in front of the house. Do not hold this area as a negative spot yet. Transform it into a tiny garden by lining it with flowers pots and plants. This will not only make your house seem warmer, but inviting as well.

garden by lining it with flowers pots and plants

A small backyard can serve you as the best example of small garden ideas when you use plants to provide a framework. Create a series of mini views rather than one major focal point.

This will make every direction in the garden interesting. Small gardens sometimes prove to be best for numerous garden party ideas such as birthdays, housewarming and so on.

Lighting element

Lighting plays an important role in extending your small front yard as a garden. Choose relatively small plants preferably in one or two colour groups. Line them up along the perimeter of the small garden space. Throw some beautiful tiny lights over these plants and you have a great place to party.

Lighting in Garden


If you have a tiny patio, convert it into a mesmerizing outdoor room by installing a freestanding pergola. Enhance the setting with teak seating arrangement and you have a great idea for a date night or a couple gathering.

Less expensive garden party ideas will definitely include a crushed gravel backyard that is low-maintenance and easier to use. Spread a layer of landscape fabric over the ground and set up a few chairs and a table. Set up some colourful flowerpots and you have your mini garden ready.

crushed gravel backyardLarge trees surrounding your house can be turned into beautiful outdoor living space. Pave the part of the area with suitable stones and add some table and chairs. You get a readymade garden to throw a small gathering.

Outdoor wall

Make use of an outdoor wall to transform your front yard into a small garden. Plant some climbers and vine crops that are going to cover up the wall with beautiful green lushness. Entertain your guests amidst the backdrop of the vertical garden.

Plant pots

Among one of the best small garden ideas is the one that relies on pots and planters. Plant pots with fragrant herbs, overflowing flowers and daisies. These will give a colourful addition to your front yard. Use some fabrics and outdoor rug to create a variety of patterns. Install a shady deck and you score brownie points for coming up with one of the simplest garden party ideas.

Small gardens do not require much furniture. Keep the layout simple and furniture minimal, if you have to. A medium sized table with colourful treats and drinks on it will work for you any day that a large hall.

These interesting small garden party ideas will have more guests coming to your place than you ever thought.

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