Backyard vegetable garden layout

Are you planning on growing your very own vegetable garden? Or are you just looking for more efficient vegetable garden layout? Feel free to browse the images below and find your preferred vegetable garden layout.

Backyard vegetable garden layout ideas

You don’t have to be a scientist to redesign your vegetable garden. Simply get creative and use common sense. Of course there are some rules and good advice when it comes to creating a new garden.

When planning a vegetable garden it is very important to choose the right location, because this has major impact on the growth of your vegetables. For a healthy crop it is of greatest importance that there is enough sunlight. It is therefore important that your garden is in plain sight and not covered by shadows of near trees.

If there’s trees nearby you need to be aware that your crop will need to compete with the trees for not only sunlight but also minerals and moisture.

A water supply must be near your garden. Ideally that would be a spring, but a well will do just fine as well.

Quality soil is of utmost importance as well. If possible, avoid heavy clay and very sandy soil. Soil fertility level may improve with a variety of organic materials and fertilizers, but it is recommended that there is already quality soil.

Vegetable garden ideas

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