The Different Types of Decorative Garden Border Fencing

Garden décor is something that every gardening enthusiast works hard to achieve. Decorative garden fencing happens to be one of the ideal ways to make your garden stand out. Moreover, such fencing helps to keep away invaders besides making your garden some piece of art.

Transform your garden

An easy way to transform your garden is by installing around it a magnificent fence. No matter the awe your flowers or plants demand from neighbors and friends, a rusty fence will definitely water down your handwork. With a decorative fence, you get a chance to transform your whole garden.

The types of decorative border fences

The materials you use to fence your garden will depend on your locality, preference and obviously its availability as well as the cost. Here are some of the types of fences to try out;

  • Wooden garden fencing – This type of fence has been used for many centuries. The good thing with wood is that you can manipulate it to whatever you prefer. You can also paint it yourself hence making it easy to customize it. Even though the durability of this fence is guaranteed, it is quite expensive.

Wooden garden fencing

  • Border hedging – This is when you use some material to separate the garden from the rest of the compound. Some people will collect stones and rocks and arrange them systematically to form an immaculate hedge. Other people will plant some certain type of plants to form a living hedge.

Border hedging

  • Metallic border fencing – A metal garden border fence is becoming trendy. It is preferred because it is relatively cheap to install. Moreover, such a fence is strong to prevent any intruder besides presenting your garden beautifully.

Metallic border fencing

In order to have the best border fence, you will need to establish what it is you want to keep in or out. You might want to keep goats out or prevent your pets getting in the garden. It is important to first establish your needs before buying investing in a border fence.

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