Extra Time at Home? Home & Garden Ideas to Help You Catch Up

If like a lot of people, you are spending more time at home than usual, it’s possible that you don’t know what to do with all that extra time on your hands.

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Certainly, we never normally get enough time to attend to our home and garden, so not everything is as it should be. To avoid having idle hands and wasting the time you have, here are some ideas to keep you busy.

Start with Weeding the Garden

If you haven’t set foot in the backyard much in the last few months, or just haven’t felt like doing it, then there’s likely a ton of weeds that have sprung up. These will take away from the beauty of your plant life and can remove the space and moisture that they rely on to grow and stay healthy.

Use either a diamond or oscillating hoe to rake up the soil to loosen the weeds. This makes it a faster job to get rid of them without giving your back an injury. With hoes, some are sharp, so if you have children, keep them away from the area and put the hoe away carefully afterward too.

Mowing the Lawn and Lawn Care

Mow the lawn to deal with any long grass or patches that are significantly overgrown and drawing undue attention from the neighbors. Avoid any brown or bald patches for now by skirting around them.

Have a walk around the lawn once it’s been cut to inspect it. Look for patches of ground that look bare, brown or have matted turf stuck in place. In these situations, the grass isn’t touching the soil below the ground and cannot grow.

To get grass growing again, dig up the soil lightly to loosen it and remove any dead ground or debris that’s accumulated there. Once you have clear soil, scatter a packet of grass seeds over the soil, and add some fertilizer or mulch to encourage future growth.

Check Your Pool and Spa

While tending to the backyard area, it’s sensible to give your pool and spa a quick once-over. Has the pump been serviced recently? Do the filters need replacing?

There are various filters in the home that may need replacing too. If you use reserve osmosis or a whole house filtration system, their filters need swapping out periodically. Also, if you have AC units installed, their air filters need changing every month or two. Don’t forget any water filters in your refrigerator too.

To find good prices from a range of manufacturers, the Discount Filter Store is a good one-stop store to locate exactly what you need.

Introduce a New Herb Garden

When you want to feel you’ve created something new after investing time in your backyard, why not create a new herb garden?

It’s easy to do, gets results quickly, provides a pleasant fragrance and is eminently practical. Of course, different herbs add a delicate flavor to all kinds of produce regardless of what’s available in the stores. So, mix up what you grow to give yourself plenty of options in 2-4 weeks when they’re ready to eat.

Once you’ve attended to the garden, you’ll be all set when asked to return to regular work at the office. And you’ll be glad that you got busy when you had it available too.

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