A Gazebo Extends Your Outdoor Living Time Throughout The Seasons

Gazebos are not only beautiful enhancements for gardens and yards but provide expanded living space for your home.  They also increase not only the pleasure you derive from your outdoor space but also the number of seasons you can experience that enjoyment each year.

To assure your gazebo is built for all seasons, choose the best material for your gazebo plans. There are a wide variety of suitable materials for gazebos.

Garden gazebos examples:

The most popular one is wood. Many homeowners are equally pleased with a vinyl, stone, reinforced concrete or metal gazebo.

The Top Three Wood Options for Gazebos


Wood is a wonderful natural material used in a lot of outdoor furniture as well as in building a permanent gazebo.  Not all wood is suitable for one, however. One of the three best options is pressure treated lumber.  Normally chemically treated Fir or Pine, this is the least expensive wood option.

This treated wood is designed for outdoor use. Slightly green to brown in color initially, as it ages it grays naturally. Some makers use pressure treated wood for the parts of the gazebo that are hidden from view and use Redwood or Cedar for the ones that show.


Cedar is very popular as well. It is relatively soft and lightweight, which makes it easy to work with which builders love.  This aromatic rustic wood is naturally resistant to decay and rot, making it an excellent choice for use outdoors. Western Red Cedar is more popular than the Eastern variety as it is more resistant to decay.

It comes in heartwood and sapwood and the different types are used in different parts of a project.


Redwood is the king of all outdoor building projects. It is extremely strong and very attractive and famous for its natural resistance to insects and rot.

a gazebo

a gazebo

It also comes in heartwood and sapwood, but heartwood must be used in the sections that come into direct contact with the earth.

Redwood is also the most expensive of all the wood options. When building with Redwood or Cedar, be sure to use only stainless or galvanized steel hardware or aluminum hardware to avoid the black streaks that come from contact with other metal hardware materials and wood.

Metal for Gazebos

Metal gazebos are generally constructed of one of options: wrought iron, steel or aluminum. Steel gazebos are the most permanent and durable while aluminum ones, while strong, are the most lightweight and least expensive.

The most beloved are beautiful wrought iron gazebos with their old-world charm and elegance. Whichever you choose, a metal gazebo’s greatest advantage is that it requires little to no maintenance.

Vinyl for Gazebos

Fast becoming the most popular choice today, vinyl gazebos also require little to no maintenance with no rot or warping problems. They are beautiful and only require cleaning by hosing them down once annually. Vinyl is pretty, light and affordable.

A gazebo is the perfect enhancement for your patio, yard, or garden in whatever material you choose. You will be pleasantly surprised when you discover how much value one can add to your property as well.

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