Important Tips on Organic Vegetable Gardening At Home

There is a lot of news on the harm that people face when they continue eating the vegetables which are chemically produced or rather produced using chemicals. Long gone is the era when organic vegetable gardening was thought to be a preserve of a few nature-loving fanatics.

After learning of the chemicals used to produce vegetables in the marketplace, many people are resulting in organic farming at home. Here are some helpful tips

Get rid of all weeds

One of the things that retard crops is weeds. Declare war on weed today and you will notice immense improvement not only in the rate at which the vegetables grow but also in their improved health. Despite competing with your vegetables for water, they also attract insects and parasites.

Learn the best way to water your plants

water your plants

Most agricultural experts will advise you to water your plants either early in the morning or late in the evening. One of the reasons for this is because water on leaves in the afternoon attracts diseases. Moreover, use a hose or drip to water your vegetables instead of a sprinkler.

Plant some flowers in the garden

Flowers will naturally attract insects. These insects will besides sucking the nectar from the flowers eat aphids and bugs such as tomato hornworms. With some flowers around, you will reduce the chance of your vegetables getting some common diseases.

Practice crop rotation

If you had planted tomatoes in one end of your garden, avoid planting the same the following season.

crop rotation

Where possible, leave the harvested area unplanted for a year or two. This helps at making sure that the bugs that the tomatoes or any other crop you had planted dies.

It is always prudent to be realistic when it comes to organic vegetable gardening. While there will be diseases lurking, following the above tips will help you keep off a majority of them.

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