How To Mash Up Old And New Gardens

A few years ago, the situation with old and new gardens was simple. You had just one choice. You were able to choose an old-looking garden, or new and modern.

Mixing them, or more commonly known mashing them up was not acceptable! Nowadays, the situation has changed. Finally, it is possible to mix these two styles in order to create something unique and extraordinary.

How To Mash Up Old And New Gardens

A nice mixture of old and new garden!

Still, there are a lot of ‘’rules’’ you should follow and plenty of mistakes to avoid.

Two available options

In this case, you can add traditional, old-looking elements of a modern garden or you have the ability to add modern elements to an old garden. Although this sounds simple and easy task, it is more complicated than most of you believe.

Mashing up still means that styles should be connected. It means that all the elements you are going to use must look paired, similar or somehow related. But, we will help you understand the basics of mash-up modern and old gardens.

Sitting area

This is probably the most important element in any garden. In essence, this is the place where you will spend the most of your time. The main goal is to link sitting arrangement and sitting elements with some other aspect of your garden. If you have an old-looking garden, adding sitting benches and large, stone tables is the best choice!

On the other hand, we have modern gardens where adding traditional benches close to the sitting area is preferable. By doing this, you will create an amazing effect and make your garden more original. Let’s just add the fact that this improvement makes the entire garden more practical and convenient for more people.


You can always go traditional and use standard paving, but to give your modern garden an old feel to it you can choose to pave it with stone or wood.

flagstone patio

Flagstone patio. Paving with stones.

Electricity isn’t necessary, but it is welcomed

Over the years, most designers and almost all homeowners started using electricity and illumination elements in their gardens. This has one advantage. It makes all gardens look modern and more advanced if we can say so. But, in a case of mixing old and new, it isn’t necessary. Chances are high you will get an opposite effect and ruin the entire garden!

If you still prefer this improvement, you should consider hiding lamps and illumination elements. They will allow you to get all the benefits of the well-illuminated garden, but they won’t be visible, so a garden will still look oldish.

A nice touch is pairing these elements with flowers and plants. Use them to conceal bulbs, lanterns, and lamps. Always check the effect at night. This sounds obvious, but it is the only period of time when you can actually see the full effect and make any adjustments or additions if needed.

A separate thing to consider are handmade elements. They look perfect in old and modern gardens and they will make your creating stand out from the garden. There won’t be the same handmade elements, so this is ideal for all homeowners who want to have something extraordinary. Even better, these elements can be made specifically to your mash-up garden.

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