What are Raised Garden Beds And What Are They For?

A raised garden bed is a type of garden where the soil is raised above the normal ground or surrounding soil. The width of such a garden is often anything between 3 to 4 feet. The length can be as long as the farmer desires.

For better gardening, most people will enclose such raised soil with a frame made from wood, rock or even concrete blocks. This ensures that the soil in the raised garden remains soft and easily accessible.

It also becomes very easy to add compost hence making the garden produce higher yields than the contemporary farming methods.

Raised garden for the elderly and the disabled

The height of the raised garden can be regulated to fit the needs of the farmer.

Raised garden for the elderly and the disabled

In many instances, such gardens are ideal for the elderly who cherish the hobby of farming. In many elderly homes, a raised garden is a normal feature.

A raised garden is also a favorite for the disabled. This is because, like the elderly, it is easy to reach the plants and the weed without struggling. It is common to find a raised garden up to approximately six inches all the way to the waist-level.

The raised garden for better yield

As stated earlier, the soil found in raised gardens happens to be very soft mainly because of the ease to add compost.

Raised gardenUnlike the conventional gardening where you have to step on the soil, in this kind of gardening, no stepping is allowed. This further enhances the softening of the soil.

This kind of gardening allows for the proper spacing of crops. This means that when the crops are fully grown, the leaves will only grow as far as to touch each other hence providing a good shade. This further allows the retention of moisture which further makes the soft soil ideal for crop growth.

With the softening of the soil, the roots of the plants are able to penetrate deeper. This in return enhances the roots ability to sup the available moisture in the soil hence making the growth of the plants fast. The raised garden also comes with the benefit of better water drainage which makes the soil ideal for crops growth.

A raised garden is for everyone

Gardening is loved by a majority of the population, both in rural and urban areas. In the cities where the availability of space is constrained, you can have a raised garden in your backyard. A raised garden will help you at eliminating any ‘dirt soil’ which makes city gardens less productive.

To garden using this technique, you stand a chance to not get better yields but also farm conveniently. It is universally known that raised gardening comes with fewer weeds. This makes this type of gardening less demanding.

Given the fact that the crops retain ideal moisture under the leaves, you can have this garden even in dry areas. All these benefits make that this type of gardening fronts make it ideal for any person from the disabled, the elderly and those with a little water to enjoy what they love most.

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