6 Creative Ways To Approach Vertical Gardening

A vertical garden can be a fun DIY project that can green up a sad space like a blank wall or a bare fence. But vertical gardens are not meant just for small outdoor spaces; they also provide fresh air, shade and privacy, while growing edibles, annuals, and perennials in a tiny footprint.
Here’s 6 Creative Ways To Approach Vertical Gardening.

1. Standalone wall

You can build your vertical garden either on an exterior house wall, or as a standalone wall. You will need a cedar frame and hex wire netting, a couple dozen terra cotta pots, potting soil, and small plants. Though they may be more difficult to water, the small terra-cotta pots provide plenty of growing space, but you can also leave some of the pots empty to create a more surprising vertical garden. Before building your garden wall, though, check with your utility company for any wires or pipes buried underground.

standalone wall vertical gardening

standalone wall vertical gardening

Image source: countryliving.com

2. Minimalist vertical containers

Wood containers are great for growing a beautiful vertical garden, especially since they can be easily customized according to the space you have, and don’t require a special type of surface; a solid wall or fence is all it takes to stack and attach the cedar boxes. Wood containers ensure a clean, minimalist look and are perfect for growing herbs, flowers and vegetables.

3. Ladder

A ladder can easily be turned into a vertical garden by stacking multicolored pots of various sizes on its rungs. Consider adding a hanging planter to bring more variety.

ladder gardening

ladder gardening

4. Leaning bookshelf

An old bookshelf leaning against your house wall is another creative vertical garden idea; alternatively, you can DIY from cedar boards mounted to wooden sides.

5. Old dresser

If you have an old dresser, consider giving it a new lease of life, rather than throwing it out. Place the dresser outside, close to your patio or in a back yard, and fill all drawers with soil. If you would like to get a beautiful cascading effect, simply pull out the drawers to various degrees.

old dresser vertical gardening

old dresser vertical gardening

Image source: theidearoom.net

6. Recycled plastic bottles

Take several empty 2-liter plastic soda bottles and clean them; you can find detailed instructions online. Remember to make a small hole in the bottom of the bottle to allow water to drain, and if you are worried the bottles will slip on the rope, tie a large knot, either in the rope or around a washer. Then, pack the bottles with soil and seedlings, and hang them from a clothesline.

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