What Is The Added Value Of Plastic Bottle Vertical Gardening?

Vertical gardens provide the much needed fresh air and shade that often lack in bustling cities, as well as some equally welcome privacy. While most vertical garden types look great, plastic bottle gardens are among the most inexpensive out there.

Combat waste and hunger

Consider therefore re-purposing old bottles rather than throwing them away as a form of plastic recycling and protecting the environment. This is especially important in countries where recycling is not fully functional or mandatory, and where plastic waste is a big problem.

plastic bottle vertical garden
A sample of using plastic bottles for vertical gardening.

Plastic bottle vertical gardening can be an effective solution to hunger, malnutrition and poverty, given that this type of container can hold almost anything, from flowers and cactus, to herbs, medicinal plants, and even vegetables.

Make use of vertical space

A bottle garden adds value by making the most out of small vertical spaces, such as the walls and windows in the balcony or kitchen; it can even be set up on a wooden plank if you are really short on space.

Two ways to approach this type of gardening are either a bottle tower, or a horizontal wall grid. With the former, heap bottles atop each other and make a slit in some of them to plant the seedlings; since the tower prevents water from evaporating, it therefore requires minimal resources and efforts on your part.

The other option is to string bottles on a wall by hanging them horizontally on ropes or on a clothesline. Remember first to make a small hole in each bottle for water drainage and a larger hole for the seedling to grow; there are many other alternatives that you can find on the web with details and images.

Vertical bottle gardens can be set up anywhere with minimal effort, but with high rewards, and can also act as community gardens.

Plastic bottle vertical gardening images:

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