Don’t Neglect Your Front Yard Landscape

You can easily create a front yard that is welcoming, but in order to be truly inviting, remember to keep everything simple. In most cases less is more.

The entryway

Line the driveway with medium-sized trees that invite guests in. Make use of fences and overhanging plants to act as screens and create a sense of privacy for the people inside the front yard.

simple front yard

simple front yard

Either dot the pathway with geraniums and other colorful flowers, such as Iceland poppies, or border it with perennials. You can also pave the pathway with smooth flat rocks, or, if you prefer a more country cottage look, leave the entrance unpaved; a dirt path can be equally interesting from an aesthetic point of view.

Flowers and bushes

Moreover, flank the front door with a variety of flowers and bushes. Somewhere along the way, between the garden entrance and the front door, an antique-looking Grecian-style planter can make a great impression on your guests; enhance the effect by planting foliage with vines that flow graciously over the brim of the planter.

If the house looks cramped, consider installing a light-colored paneling – creamy white, for instance – that will contrast nicely to the vegetation colors.

Adorn the patio with daylilies, garlic chives, nasturtium, tulips, irises, roses, and Dahlias, and place some chairs there, too.

Think not only of the shape and color of the flowers themselves, but also of their leaves. Irises, for example, have sword-shaped foliage that turns them into the perfect choice for a front yard that stands out. The rounded nasturtium leaves are also good, and can even be used instead of fences to border your front yard from your neighbor’s.

Fruit trees

Fruit trees are another good choice, especially if you plant them along a winding pathway; hedges are also useful here. Taller trees, such as pear trees, are great for lining the entrance to the house, as well.

Some simple front yard landscape ideas:

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