Starting Points for Small Yard Landscaping

When you have a small yard, you must pay attention to every detail because everything is at such close range.

Focal points

Instead of one big showstopper, create several smaller focal points throughout the yard that guests will discover gradually. A variety of items, including objects of art can play the part, but they should be weatherproof and durable; choose items made from stone, metal, ceramic, or glass.

Focal points For Backyard

Focal points For Backyard

These can be handmade garden art or expensive antiques; the point is that mass produced objects won’t look good in a small yard. Then, think about the best place to arrange your items. You can place one or two front and center, but scatter the rest amidst flowers and grasses to surprise anyone watching.

Since you only need a small amount of material, be it ceramics or local and exotic stone, consider purchasing luxury items, even though they are more expensive. Moreover, as long as you use miniature plants, these can be in a large variety, just as in a large garden.

Paving and water features

When it comes to paving, outdoor materials should match interior materials used on the floor, in terms of both color and texture. Don’t shy away from accent materials, either, but be careful that they match the accent tiles used in your kitchen and bathroom. Furthermore, a material such as colored glass tiles can be used in combination with an outdoor lighting system that creates a real lightshow at night.

Water Feature Landscaping

Water Feature Landscaping

With the right design, even a small yard can house a variety of elements. For example, to maximize the space, you can get a pool that is also a spa and a fountain. A clever idea is to install a large bond-beam with archways at the back of the pool, and place a spitter within each archway; the spitters will act as small fountains and direct the water jet into the pool.

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