What To Pay Attention To When Planning Your Backyard Landscape

When it comes to backyard landscapes, create a plan first, and only then head to the local gardening supply store. Once there, make sure to choose those plants that will thrive in your landscape, not merely those that look beautiful.

Think before you buy

Think about how much time and money you wish to invest, since there are vegetables, like tomatoes and peppers, that are more prone to diseases.

A thriving landscape that is also beautiful can be achieved if you take into account the topography of your site, the type of your soil, and your regional climate. For instance, your site topography will have a bearing on how water drains in your backyard. Ideally, water should move away from your home and towards your yard.


But all of the above are important, because together they can create a specific type of micro-climate. Thus, some areas in your yard will be shady, and some drenched in full sun; some will enjoy partial shade, others deep shade, so select your plants accordingly.

What is your yard’s main purpose?

Consider the purpose of your yard and who will be using it: frequent guests, pets, children? Depending on your answer, you can create spaces for different uses, such as walkways for people to move on.

Moreover, for a unified yard, decide on a theme – whether it is geometric shapes, an Oriental garden, or a natural space with soft lines that invites relaxation. A themed garden will also help you choose plants, decorations and materials more easily, but make sure the theme will complement the architecture of your home, not detract from it. Complex themes require more care, so consider your maintenance budget, especially if you intend to hire someone to do the job.

Finally, before planning any hardscapes, make sure there are no pipes and wires buried underground; your utility company can come and check for you free of charge.

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