How to Grow Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo is often effortless to look after home plant that grows well in low, indirect light. This plant, which isn’t actually bamboo by any means, but instead is a tropic water lily called Dracaena sanderiana, is from Africa and its stated to carry good luck and good luck to the inhabitants of your space where it can developed.

Here’s how to grow the Lucky bamboo plant at home:

1) Get a lucky bamboo plant with bright green leaves.
And see if the leaves or stems are yellow or brown, if they are then the plant is unhealthy.

2) Use the right container.
Put the lucky bamboo in a tall glass vase or ceramic container no shallow bowls. The container need to have enough stones or marbles inside to stabilize it. The lucky bamboo will also need at a minimum 1 to 3 inches of water to thrive.

3) Place the lucky bamboo plant where it’s going to get indirect sun light.

lucky bamboo

lucky bamboo

4) Change up the water every 1 to 2 weeks.

5) Once the plant grow roots, make sure the roots are kept covered with water.

6) Encourage more roots by increasing the degree of water the fact that the plant is continuing to grow.
More roots mean lusher top foliage; the larger the water is up the stalk, the higher up the roots will grow.

7) Transplant your lucky bamboo to soil, if you want.
Lucky bamboo may perhaps be grown in water forever and does not need soil to grow. If you transplant your lucky bamboo to soil, you must be certain that the soil has good drainage. You can accomplish this by means of adding some small rocks to qualify for the bottom that belong to the pot.

You want to keep soil moist, even though not saturated. The lucky bamboo plant will usually receive dry-rot if the soil is simply too wet.

The best water for your plant is fresh spring water, rain water, or filtered water. The chemicals in plain faucet water, for example , chlorine, can harm the plant and increase the risk for leaves and stalks to turn yellow.

Fertilizers who will be made especially for lucky bamboo plants have always been available in which the plants can be purchased. Place in a drop of fertilizer in the direction of water after it is changed that needs to the bamboo stay healthy and grow.

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