Adding an intimate and cozy touch to your garden

Contemplating adding some new decor to your garden?

If you are, garden ornaments can make your garden look and feel just as cozy as the rooms inside your house.

Just as we decorate our home on the inside with fun pictures and other knickknacks, you can find the perfect items for your garden decor.

Express your style

Choose the decorations to express your individuality and style. There are lots and lots of fun and exciting objects you can use in your garden to give it a special touch, for example a nice water fountain or a waterfall.

Waterfall or fountain?

If you are installing a fountain or waterfall in your backyard pond, you will need to install a filtration and circulating system.

To help avoid algea build up, check with your local fish supplier or hardware store that specializes in outdoor ponds for the correct chemicals to use to treat your pond.

On this image, a small decorative pond for fish with nice little waterfall.

This is very important as some chemicals can be harmful to your fish. You should wait about thirty days from the day you first treat your pond with the initial dose of chemicals before adding plants or fish to the pond. Doing so allows the water quality to in the best shape it can be.

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