The Best Strategy to Aerate Your Lawn

You do not need to be lawn ranger so that you can aerate your lawn. Many professional techniques can make the task approachable for the homeowners of each and every level of skill.

The questions to resolve before you start is whether or not you want to eliminate the soil cores when you aerate or simply poke holes into the soil. Eliminating the soil cores opens the channels for air to get to into the soil.

Punching holes actually serve to the compact soil that is compacted. Here in this post, I will show you how to aerate your lawn.

Select The Tool:


For the aeration, select from 2 methods: motorized or manual. Manual aerators can work perfect for smaller lawns and also produce results into that rival automatic aerators.

You make use of foot-power for plunging 2 to 4 hollow cylinders into the garden soil for extracting punch or cores holes. Strap-on shoes (spike) attain an effect of hole-punch but do not remove the soil cores.

Automatic aerators have a round drum in the front or in the back packed with spikes or hollow cylinders. Having a core aerator which eliminates the soil plugs, try to find machines with weight over tines and deeper tines to sink them easily into the soil.

A few riding mowers own core or spike aerator attachments. An additional solution for aerating is using a soil conditioner (ionized), an alternative which weakens the clay soil contaminants and even stimulates microorganisms which foster healthy soil and also digest thatch. For the more ease, you can look for the best garden tiller.

Aerator Options:


The best way to aerate is to employ a lawn service to deal with the work. However, if you are a diehard DIYer, renting the aerator might be perfect. In advance of renting an aerator, evaluate the important points.

An aerator is a big, weighty part of tools that needs physical energy to work. You can think about 2 people and also a truck bed (full-size) for moving an aerator. Think about partnering with others who live nearby to talk about the price of the rental and supply the extra muscle to handle your machine.

In most cases, the busiest lease times for the aerators are early spring and the fall weekends.

Strategies for Sure Success:


In advance of aerating, make use of marking flags to point out the locations of septic lines, shallow irrigation lines, sprinkler heads and the buried utilities. Read this portion carefully to reveal the strategies that will draw you towards the success.

With the lightly soil, sandy soil or compacted soil that has been aerated over the past twelve months, aerate in one pass, pursuing your normal mowing pattern.

For extremely soil or compacted soil that has not been aerated in higher than 12 months, create two passes with your aerator: one will be following the mowing pattern of you, and then the second will be the angle to the first.  Make an effort to create 20 – 40 holes for every square foot.

Taking Lawn Care:

  • Once you aerate, leave the soil plugs into the place to decompose. These types of cores consist of microorganisms which digest the lawn thatch.
  • The next time, running over them your mow will break up them, as will a mild raking (once they dry up) or pulling a piece of outdated carpet on the lawn.
  • You can fertilize and then seed lawns instantly following the aerating. It is not essential to include a thin layer of composted manure or soil, yet you can.
  • For intensely compacted soils, think about covering the lawn with the help of 1/4 inch of the compost make use of sand in the southern locales, raking it so that it falls into the aeration holes.
  • Core aeration raises the weed seeds from the levels of lower soil. For the cool-season grasses, you can plan to make use of a pre-emergent herbicide in the springtime following the fall aeration.
  • For the warm-season grass, use the herbicide, the fall following aerating. You should not use a pre-emergent herbicide simultaneously you reseed.
  • You should water your lawn some extra times after the aeration, especially at the time of dry or hot spells.s

Finally, you’re ready to aerate your lawn based on the strategies I have described in this post. If you think that I’m missing something important in this post then I will be happy if your leave your thoughts in the comment box.

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