Relieve your knees with a Garden Kneeler

When I tell my friends about my garden kneeler (which I use on my little herb patch) I am often asked why would anyone need a garden kneeler.

To be honest I can think of quite a few reasons! Believe me it does not matter if you are young or old, anyone who has had to kneel for even just a few minutes while pottering around the garden will benefit from a Garden kneeler.

garden kneeler

garden kneeler

Wouldn’t you agree, or am I the only one that finds the constant kneeling and hunkering down slightly strenuous? It is not easy reaching out and across to low flower beds and vegetables, especially on a sunny day.

Where to buy one?

Luckily for people that don’t like the traditional foam based garden kneeler there are now many options. There is a huge variety available online and in many good garden centres.

As it happens garden kneelers are no longer seen as just a fancy garden tool.

They are slowly becoming the must have tool for many gardeners. You can now find garden kneelers in all types of shapes and colours. So there is no excuse not to have one. Some of the more modern ones even have handles to help you lower and raise yourself up and down.

Why is garden kneeler good for you?

I am not a medically trained but I believe that constant kneeling can damage your knees, and maybe even your back! This is why a good garden kneeler is a great way to protect your joints from the pain and strain of kneeling openly on hard ground. So if you want to protect your knees (specifically the patella bone) get yourself a good garden kneeler from here.

It will make your work more comfortable and allow you to garden for much longer. Most importantly you’ll be able to create amazing garden flower beds and vegetable patches as you will be able to spend longer periods of time gardening.

On a completely unrelated gardening point of view if you have less back pain or strain in the evening you will be able to enjoy yourself just that little bit more as you unwind with that satisfactory feeling of having accomplished something. It might even make your favourite tipple taste a bit better.

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