Pretty Fall Wreath

What is the best way to welcome your guests for Fall than having a pretty wreath right in front of your door? Today, I am going to share how you can make your own “Plump” Fall Wreath.

Making a Fall Wreath is very simple. You can do it alone in your home. Just be sure to bring out that creativity in you while making this gorgeous home decor.

fall wreath

fall wreath, Photo from:

The steps for making a Pretty Fall Wreath:

  1. Gather all the materials. You can check on your old closets for leaves, pine cones and berries.
  2. Get your grape vines and make a circle from it. You decide for your own wreath size.
  3. Tie your grape vines tightly with brown wires. Brown wires so that it won’t distract the colors of the wreath. Be sure to make a hook at the back so you can hang it on your doors.
  4. Glue your fall leaves, berries and pine cones around it. Be creative. If you want, you can also tie it with wires.
  5. Check your wreath. If you like how it was arranged, hang it and you are done.

Now, you have a pretty Fall wreath.

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