Small patio ideas for every home

Are you decorating your outdoor seating area on your terrace? See below some marvelous ideas on how to arrange and design your paved outdoor area adjoining your house.

We cover some nice ideas including small patio ideas that are cheap to implement if you’re on a tight budget, cute small patio ideas, small patio ideas for condos, backyard small patio ideas, small patio ideas with pavers, small patio ideas for apartments, as well as very small patio ideas and some diy small patio ideas.

small patio ideas for apartment

small patio ideas for apartment

Small patio ideas gallery

Landscaping Ideas

A terrace extends the living space and is specially useful in the summer time. We provide tips for the right patio design, decking and the appropriate lighting.

The terrace is the perfect place to enjoy in the garden. It is the successful mix between indoors and outdoors.

If you are planning your terrace there’s few questions you need to ask yourself. What will be the purpose of your terrace? Be it for sunbathing, for dinning with family or friends (maybe barbecuing) or as a play area for children?

It is important that you know your needs so that you can arrange your terrace accordingly. Plan some space for the grill, a large dining table and / or umbrella.

The desired use also dictates the position of the terrace. For sunbathing your terrace should be aligned to the south so that it can soak the sun all day.

Conversely, aligning your terrace to the West will not provide as much direct sunlight, but will still receive the warm evening light. Such a place is ideal to enjoy in the late afternoon and evening hours.


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